About Us


PCMR’s commitment to providing top-quality healthcare and radiology services in Southern California is commendable. Established in 1989, the company has been a pioneer in offering mobile imaging solutions, including X-ray and mammography services. Serving a diverse clientele ranging from imaging centers to private homes, PCMR’s mobile services offer numerous advantages, including convenience, reliability, and patient-centered care.
By bringing imaging services directly to the patient’s location, PCMR eliminates the need for transportation to hospitals, reduces scheduling complexities, and enhances overall efficiency in healthcare delivery. This approach not only saves time and resources but also ensures that patients receive timely and compassionate examinations.
As a leading provider of mobile mammography services in California, PCMR plays a crucial role in ensuring access to essential screening services for its clients. Conducting thousands of mammograms annually, the company contributes significantly to early detection and prevention efforts, ultimately improving patient outcomes and promoting overall well-being.
With its dedication to excellence and innovation, PCMR continues to set the standard for mobile radiology services, making a positive impact on the healthcare landscape in Southern California and beyond.

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